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repaint carbon bike frames

Bycicle frame painting

How to choose a good service for your bicycle frame repaint? Ask whether you deliver your bike to them or they come and collect? Are they listening to your instructions and happy to follow photos or designs you send them? Consider whether the quote includes disassembly and reassembly or whether you have to do this yourself or pay extra for a bike shop to do it. Very importantly, check whether your chosen company has the skills, tools and correct paint for repainting carbon bike frames. Carbon bike frames are very expensive and easily damaged with the wrong treatment. There are plenty of bike paint types to choose from, ranging from sprays to brush on enamel. If your budget dictates a cheaper option then you can choose ready mixed paints and add more personality with your decals, or you can be totally specific and use the paint mixing services of your bike frame customising workshop. This gives you an infinite wealth of colours and shades from deep bold blocks of colours, to totally stand out and reflective neons or candy pastels to the metallic glimmer of chrome, gold and silver.


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Bicycle frame painting

Repaint carbon bike frames

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